Whether you commute to work every day in Rhode Island, or you frequently go off-roading over the weekends in your Jeep SUV, you're no stranger to stopping to get gas. Did you know several routine services help your vehicle be more fuel efficient? Aside from routine maintenance for prolonged performance, these services can result in efficient fuel consumption and save you money in the long run.

Service We Provide in Rhode Island

At Paul Bailey's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our certified technicians can perform all the scheduled services for your Jeep SUV or truck, from oil changes to tire rotations to transmission services. While all the tasks your vehicle needs are important to keep it safe and performing well, some directly impact how the car burns gas.

  • Oil Change – Motor oil's primary function is to keep the engine lubricated and cool. As you drive, friction-causing dirt and dust accumulate in the oil reservoir, causing the engine to work harder than necessary, which uses more gas. By changing the oil regularly, you ensure that the dirt and debris buildup gets removed and replaced by clean oil, knowing the engine is performing at optimal levels and consuming less fuel.
  • Tire Tread Inspection, Rotation, and Alignment – Although your Jeep vehicle's tires will last several years, they must be inspected and rotated regularly. This includes checking the tire treads, air pressure, and alignment. When the tires don't have the correct air levels or the wheels aren't properly aligned, the treads wear unevenly, which puts extra pressure on the engine and, of course, uses more gas. It's easy to check the air pressure using a tire gauge. Rotating the tires at every other oil change is recommended, including a tread inspection and alignment check.
  • Fluids Check and Replenishment – There are multiple fluids your car needs to function properly and avoid overheating, freezing, or malfunctioning. These include transmission, power steering, and coolant/antifreeze fluids. Each plays a vital role in your Jeep SUV's performance, and if any of their levels get too low, more gas gets used since the engine will start working harder.

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