Make the most of your next outdoor adventure with Jeep accessories. At Paul Bailey's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in North Kingstown, we have all the gear that can individualize your Jeep and make it better than ever. You'll enjoy having all this great gear the next time you are on your outdoor adventure. Here's a sample of what we have available.

Exterior Parts

Make your Jeep look completely unique with our extensive line of exterior parts. We have a wide selection of side steps, bumpers, rock sliders, fender flares, grille inserts, fuel caps, and more. We have parts for all Jeep models from many model years. Each of these parts is tough enough to handle your more challenging outdoor activities.


We have all types of tops that can make your Jeep Wrangler look truly unique. We have soft tops, bikini tops, cargo nets, mesh tops, and more. Each of these tops is quality built and can handle extensive use.

Interior Gear

Make the inside of your Jeep a special place to spend some time. We have gauges, grab handles, seat covers, navigation systems, and more. You'll find interior gear for all Jeep models in many model years.


Providence drivers can upgrade their Jeep's wheels the right way. We have all-wheel sizes available. These wheels are designed for rugged use and will make an excellent first impression on the road.


See and be seen with our collection of top-quality Jeep lights. We have exterior lights including light beams, parking lights, and fog lights. We also have interior lighting packages for almost all Jeep models.

Armor and protection

Protect your Jeep with our selection of armor plating, roll bars, bumpers, skid plates, and cages. All our armor accessories are made from top quality material that will last. Plus, this armor will make your Jeep look great from any angle.

Get Your Jeep Accessories Today

We are ready to save you money on your favorite Jeep accessories. Visit us today at Paul Bailey's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram near Warwick and get your Jeep gear for less. We are ready to make your Jeep a top outdoor adventure machine.

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