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We teamed up with I Heart Radio to give away Bailey's Beast Dream Machine!

It happened. We teamed up with I Heart Radio to give drivers a chance to win a loaded up, off-road-ready Jeep Wrangler. This fully-loaded vehicle was far from your average Jeep Wrangler. Also known as Bailey's Beast Dream Machine, the Jeep Wrangler came loaded with all the latest in equipment, tech, comfort, and convenience. Plus, it's one thing to sell such a vehicle - but to give one away is an entirely different matter!

On August 24, we gave drivers the chance to win the keys to the Bailey's Beam Dream Machine. With such a name, the vehicle is (as you might expect), ready for much more than just the asphalt highway and city streets. Laden with off-road equipment, the Bailey's Beast Dream Machine offered drivers freedom to a much larger expanse of terrain possibilities. With a roof rack, roof rails, extensive headlights, hitches, tow hooks, off-road tires, and an impressive suspension, the Bailey's Beast Dream Machine was a far cry from average.

The Bailey's Motor Sales Inc Team

While the Bailey's Beast Dream Machine has passed, drivers can stop by our dealership to check out our full inventory of new SUVs, trucks, and cars. Have your heart set on a Wrangler similar to the Bailey's Beast Dream Machine? Meet with a Inc team member to learn more about how you might be able to configure a Wrangler to be similar. The Bailey's Motor Sales Inc team is ready to assist drivers with almost every step of the vehicle buying process! Stop by Bailey's Motor Sales Inc to check out our latest inventory of new vehicles!

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