MotorTrend Names Jeep Wrangler "2019 SUV of the Year"

The Jeep Wrangler is the automaker's flagship model because it embodies adventure with its adaptive design and impressive capability. Built with careful attention to detail, drivers can count on it to exceed their expectation in multiple ways. That is why it comes as no surprise that MotorTrend editors chose it as its "2019 SUV of the Year."

Five Reasons that Place the Jeep Wrangler at the Top

Performance — Revised engineering enables the Jeep Wrangler to perform better than ever before. Its fine-tuned suspension bolsters articulation and handling so you can enjoy a smoother ride. Coupled with new electrohydraulic steering, you can even maneuver on the road with greater ease.

Efficiency — The automaker has always put driving prowess on the forefront, but in recent times, it has also put emphasis on an efficient ride. That is why the Jeep Wrangler comes with features that optimize fuel use. Take the eTorque engine as an example. It can hit marks of 25 highway miles per gallon!

Safety — Performance-oriented equipment like the Jeep 4x4 system allow you to operate the new Jeep Wrangler more confidently. Combined with elements like Anti-lock Brakes and technologies like a Blind Spot Monitor and Rearview Camera, you can also get around town with increased safety, too.

Design — Part of what makes the Jeep Wrangler unique not only within the Jeep collection but the auto market itself is its composition. You can modify its look by removing its doors and roof. That means you can personalize your journey at any given moment!

Value — With consideration to the benefits mentioned above and the affordable price that comes with the new Jeep Wrangler, it is easy to see why Paul Bailey's customers are fans of the model. That is why we know you will enjoy the Jeep experience as well. The value presented by Jeep is totally worth it!

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