Spring Has Finally Arrived, So Make Sure You Service Your Ride At Paul Bailey's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

After another long winter, the fresh breath of spring air has finally come. Long-awaited, Rhode Island took full force the brunt of winter, and we can assure you we are just as done with it as you are. Now that the weather is warming up, it would do your vehicle great justice to take on some well-deserved auto repairs and tune-ups to enter this spring fully functioning and ready to roll.

What Spring Checklist Will Get North Kingstown Drivers Fully Ready this Spring?

Here at Paul Bailey's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we have several recommendations to make sure you are properly ready to go this spring. First, before doing anything, make sure you check your owner's manual as each model and brand have different specifications when it comes to recommended maintenance.

After checking your manual, here are some guidelines for common spring repairs to help get you started:

  • Change Your Oil: Throughout winter, your oil quality will deteriorate more than usual as grime and debris clutter your engine. Make sure you get a fresh oil change and breathe some life into your Jeep Wrangler this winter.
  • Replacing Filters: We recommend replacing key filters such as air, fuel, PCV, etc. and more as your manual states.
  • Fix Alignment Issues: Winter plays a role in eroding the ground and covering up potholes and curbs. Checking your alignment could prove to be a safety and tire health asset.
  • Coolant and Radiators: Flushing your radiator and checking your coolant levels are a part of a good spring maintenance checklist.

Get your Ram 1500 or Dodge Durango ready for spring in Providence by scheduling service with us at your convenience.

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