Hop Into the Ram 3500 at Paul Bailey's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

The Ram line of pickup trucks are often in the best seller list on automotive reports here in the United States. In many places pickup trucks outsell traditional sedans 2-1 and the Ram line is among the most popular. People tend to choose the Ram if they need outdoor work done or anything with heavy lifting.

The durability of the current Ram 3500 is unmatched. The engine is highly rated, sales associates typically quote 150,000 plus guaranteed on the gasoline engines and 300,000 plus guaranteed on the Cummins Diesel. All 3500's automatically come with an extended bed from the factory- this can be switched out for a shorter bed if necessary. The tires are meant to be run off road and can take some punishment.

Hop Into the Ram 3500. Visit our showroom in North Kingstown today!




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