Brake Pad Operational Procedures

All braking systems are designed with discs, and each disc is equipped with a rotor. This rotor spins when a braking system is used. Throughout the spinning process, a brake caliper grabs the rotors and generates pressure around the main mechanisms. As this happens, a lot of friction is produced, and this energy helps the tires on a car slow down. Because friction builds up heat around vital braking components, pads are used to protect the rotors and the caliper pistons. Over time, the friction and heat can harm the surface material on a brake pad, and this is why drivers must equip new brake pads when a braking system doesn't operate properly.

Because different kinds of vehicles have unique braking hardware, major automotive brands use a variety of brake pad materials to protect rotors and pistons. If you drive a truck or SUV, the braking system may have ceramic pads; these products are engineered for towing routines. Traditional cars typically rely on metal brake pads since this material reduces noise and dust levels on the road.

When you need replacement brake pads, you can swap the old components with new hardware by visiting Paul Bailey’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Our crews tackle braking maintenance tasks for motorists throughout North Kingston, RI.

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