Is Front-Wheel Drive Your Best Choice?

If you travel frequently for work and you are worried about hazardous road conditions, a front-wheel drive vehicle will give you the handling and gas mileage you are looking for. A rear-wheel drive SUV may feel more secure, but you'll be paying more for this rear-wheel, powerful vehicle.

No matter what your driving conditions, you also have to consider your driving style. If you want speed and power, a rear-wheel luxury sedan is probably your best choice. When you want a dependable car that is easier to handle on icy roads, a front-wheel drive vehicle is a better choice.

Front-wheel drive is the later technology, giving manufacturers more affordable options to consumers. In general, front-wheel-drive cars can be smaller because of the size of the drive-train.

Our professional sales team are ready to help answer any questions you have at Paul Bailey's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram regarding the various front-wheel and rear-wheel options to choose from.
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